You’re The One

You’re the one
Who gave me your gift
You’re the one
Who called me beautiful
You’re the one
Who gave me hope
You’re the one
Who showed me how to love
You’re the one
Who gave your trust
You’re the one
Who made me smile
You’re the one
Who inspires me
You’re the one
Who held my hand
You’re the one
Who opened your heart
You’re the one
Who is my poem
You’re the one
Who is my tomorrow
You’re the one
Who is my promise
You’re the one
Who helped me grow
You’re the one
Who gave me your love
You’re the one
And only one
To do all of this
That is why….

You’re the one
My only one
My Friend
My Lover
My Passion
My Desire
My Soulmate
My Everything
and More
and Forever



I Remember The Rain

We had a lovely little rain a little while ago. The smell was amazing. What do they call that?

Petrichor. Yes, that’s it. I love that smell.

It’s funny how a smell can bring back a memory. A memory so vivid. It was like it happened just yesterday. The smell of the rain tonight took me to that day when I finally met her.

Yes, that her. The love of my life.

It was late September. The leaves were just beginning to turn color. For some reason, the colors seemed more vivid that day.

She had taken an overnight flight, arriving at just past 10 in the morning.  Traffic was always a mess, so instead of meeting her at the airport, we agreed that she would take the subway from the airport to the stop just down the street from my apartment. I told her to meet me in the cafe at the top of the stairs. As luck would have it, her flight was just a bit late. It didn’t help either that she had just enough battery left to text me that she had landed safely.

Since I hadn’t eaten breakfast that morning I decided to order while I waited. I was sipping my latte and absent mindlessly picking away at my croissant when she walked in. She didn’t see me at first so I had a chance to look her over. Of course, we had exchanged photos, videos, and even live chatted through the miracles of modern technology so this wasn’t like days of old where it was a guessing game when one relied solely on one’s words written by hand on paper for goodness sake.

We actually did exchange hand-written letters because as immediate and connecting modern technology was, we found it it bit cold and sterile at times. “Letters” is not an entirely accurate term either. They were more like love poems. A collaboration of sorts wherein we would exchange words of love and devotion feeding off of each others words, expanding on and amplifying the words each of us had received in the preceding letter. Words brought us together. They connected us in ways we had yet to fully discover. We knew however, that words could take us only so far and it was on that premise that we decided we had to meet.

So no, we knew exactly how each other looked but I was truly unprepared for what I saw. I literally gasped. She was more beautiful that I had ever imagined her to be. Long flowing hair. Deep brown eyes. Smooth skin.

And then, she saw me and her smile became brighter than the sun

I don’t think we took more than two steps before we were in each others arms. A tight embrace. Words were said, but I honestly don’t remember them, but the kiss, oh yes, I remember the kiss. It was like nothing I had ever experienced before. She tasted like a fine red wine, apricots, smoky fires on the beach at sunset, well-read books of poetry on a lazy Sunday morning in bed. She tasted like she was mine. She tasted like forever. I don’t know how long we spent kissing. A long time for sure but I knew it had begun to rain. I could smell it. And that’s why I remembered that event so vividly when I smelled the rain tonight.

Throughout it all, the entire time we exchanged our love letters, we were consumed by thoughts of each other. No matter how much our dreams kept us warm, no matter how much we ached to feel each others touch, no matter hot we burned, we wanted to be consumed by each other more and more and more. On that night, the night we finally met, is when we began to burn, and even in the rain could not quench our fire. That night, that first kiss, was when life began.



Dear Brain

Dear Brain:

Don’t be scared
Let the words flow
Don’t forget to
and dream
Keep wishing
and hoping
and laugh
Take her hand
Hold her close
Enjoy the journey
Let tomorrow come
Don’t worry
when I skip a beat
whenever you think of her

It’s only love

Your Heart


That Kind of Love

I don’t want
that new kind of love
One made up of
bits and bytes
modulated and
monetized over the
information superhighway

I don’t want
an ephemeral
kind of love
Here today
gone tomorrow
evaporating like
the morning dew
in a mountain meadow

I don’t want
a temporary
kind of love
One that is washed away
with every wave crashing
upon the shore

I don’t want
a transient
kind of love
consisting only of
stolen weekends
in sterile hotel rooms

I don’t want
a literary
kind of love
where I am just
a red-shirted character
to be brushed aside
upon the turn
of a page


I need
that kind of love
that we know is real
Where touch is real
It’s that kind of love
that we see every day
That kind of love
we feel in our hearts
and know in our souls
is our kind of love
no matter the distance
or time

I need
that kind of love
that is shared
and returned in kind

I need
that kind of love
that you need too